About the Nonah Project

Well, we’ve learned a lot over the last decade what it means to put real life people, real life companies and real life ideas into a virtual second life world. We saw virtual magazines arising around it and vanishing again, we saw big companies, global companies pushing their marketing ideas through the virtual gates, a lot of them turning their back already again to their Second Life activities. We even saw musicians and artists developing a new channel to their fan base, and we may not by any means, forget all the charity events, you can still follow and support each year and each month in Second Life.

What remained constantly in second life, however, are the people, who join the virtual world frequently if not even daily. Friendships, dreams, hopes and of course entertainment, a lot of entertainment, has made their lives richer, being it an escape from the burden of their real life, or a welcomed change in their everyday life.

So we all fairly know what was put into Second Life. The Nonah Project is the attempt to take something out of Second Life and bring it back to real life. Those awful lot of real talents, inspiring ideas and creativity, that is shown in second life by designers, builders, scripters and artists every day, may not be lost in a virtual world, but may shine back on real life instead. We want to give all these creative talents a home and a passage, to bring their talents to life, to real life!


So we gave this concept a name and a voice! Nonah is outstanding when it comes to live jazz singers in Second Life. And we chose her to symbolize what virtual worlds can offer to the enhancement of a real life: the enchantment of a pure virtual personality combined with real life quality and devotion. Let’s get Nonah alive!


Nonah will be available for you out there in real life, for all the events you can imagine. She will be able to open an event, sing live for your audience, and, providing you have the facilities like 3D beamers, 3D goggles or similar, be right in the middle of you in full shape and size. This is a completely new experience for all of us. Let a true Second Life virtual star, be the star of your show!

Please send all enquiries to:  jean.levalle@sl-lifestyle.eu