Exciting Days Ahead!

How I have waited for this moment …

On Saturday, 23rd January 2016 I’ll be back on stage in SL. Everything will be a little different from then. I will try to give a couple of concerts in SL, for my good old friends and perhaps for a few¬†new ones as well. ūüôā

But I want to take it to a new level. Over the years I noticed, that I have become fond of many of you. Your support and your encouragement have not only made my SL life a precious one, but also inspired and enhanced my RL performance. That is why I launched a new project in 2016, an ambitious one I must admit, which will allow me, to not only let you join my SL events, but also some of my RL ones. I want to blur the boundaries between SL and RL and my friendship and bond of affection to you in SL and RL. РExciting days ahead!

See you soon, hopefully!